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JinGames, including our mods, site and server Network are not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and / or Notch Development AB.

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Version Minecraft cauldron, craftbukkit, mcpc, fml, forge 1.7.10
Players 0 / 66
Status Server is online

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ServerName: Naruto C:The Last
Languages: English, German, French, and Brazilian Staff but all languages are allowed
Website: http://dball.jingames.net/
Group: http://discord.gg/qwGC65g
Owner: Emperor_Justin
Contact: Emperor_Justin#1846 discord. TheFirstMinecraftEMpire on skype
Plugins: Factions Multiverse RPGItems
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

Naruto C: The Last is a roleplay server.  Using inspirations from DBC's Jingames Chaos server it is a player run roleplay. Hardly any  staff in other words. Players run villages, players wage war, players build, players destroy, players rule.

   In it we have custom clans and custom jutsu for our lovely players. Otsusuki, Senju, Uchiha, Hyuga, Uzumaki, Namikaze, Sarutobi, InoShikaCho, and many others.

   To be a village one must have a nation under the rule of as  Futile Lord as well as a Village Leader and a decent amount of followers. As well as a village. Currently there is Konoha, Hidden Lava, and Hidden Lunar. With others being built.

   In terms of training we do not use npcs. Instead we have it set so one trains using the servers own roleplay storyline. They gain decent amount of tp by punching other mobs, players, shadow clones, or shadow dummies. However their mind plays a factor in the tp gain.

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